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MarPower Shore Power Converters convert worldwide available shore voltages and frequencies into a reliable power source. This product series is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of demanding installers and professional users.

The MarPower SPC-II HYBRID is the ultimate alternative for isolation transformers due to its small size and extremely low weight and added functionality.

The MarPower SPC-II HYBRID has all the benefi ts and features of the standard SPC-II, however has at higher input voltages almost double the output power due to the use of a hybrid cooling system, while the size and weight are only increased marginally. Hybrid cooling is an innovative way of cooling, which uses both liquid cooling as well as air cooling. In case the liquid cooling fails, the unit can run with reduced power as a standard SPC-II.

  • Almost double the output power of the standard SPC-II
  • Hybrid cooling: a combination of air and liquid cooling
  • Small size: up to 50% reduction compared to a transformer
  • Low weight: up to 65% reduction compared to a transformer
  • Redundancy
  • Optimal logistics
  • Worldwide service and support


input line voltages 170 – 520V 1 or 3 phase

frequency range 40-70Hz

input power factor > 0,99 at full load

input current 95A per power module

inrush current < 100% at rated current

earth leakage current < 2 mA per power module


output voltage 3 x 400V rms + neutral 50 Hz

3 x 208V rms + neutral 60Hz

(other voltages and frequencies on request)

nominal system power 30kVA – 1,2MVA

nom. module power 40kVA / 50kVA / 60kVA at Uin > 320V rms

power derating at input voltage 170-350V current limit till

95A (without liquid cooling derating till 60%)

units in parallel up to 20 modules

overload 120% 15 min

150% 1 min

voltage distortion < 3%

voltage variation ± 1% (at min max load)

frequency accuracy ± 0,05% (at fi xed load)

e ciency > 92%

power losses typical 70% to liquid 30% to air


LCD display



hard wired IO potential free contacts


Power Weight Size (HxWxD) in mm**

60kVA* 145 kg 390 x 800 x 660

120kVA* 313 kg 945 x 800 x 660

180kVA* 453 kg 1245 x 800 x 660

240kVA* 595 kg 1645 x 800 x 660

300kVA* 735 kg 1945 x 800 x 660

* Uout=400V cos phi=0.8 ** W= excl.water valve

Cooling forced air + valve controlled liquid

(non corrosive, 5-6 ltr./min fl ow and between 0°C and 35°C)

Protection degree IP22 (higher IP value on request)

Temperature 0-45ºC, above reduced power

Humidity 0-95% non condensing

Colour Ral 9010 (other colours on request)

Noise < 60dBA at 1 mtr per module

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