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MarPower Shore Power Converters convert worldwide available shore voltages and frequencies into a reliable power source. This product series is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of demanding installers and professional users.


The MarPower SPC-II shore power converter is the ultimate alternative for isolation transformers due to its small size and extremely low weight and added functionality. This fl exible and ultra-compact system converts worldwide available voltages into a reliable power source to safeguard quality of power on board of yachts and mega yachts.

  • World’s smallest and lightest Shore
  • Power Converter
  • Small size: up to 25% reduction compared to a transformer
  • Low weight: up to 45% reduction compared to a transformer
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • The solution for new built and refi t
  • Redundancy
  • Optimal logistics
  • Worldwide service and support


input line voltages 170 – 520V 1 or 3 phase

frequency range 40-70Hz

input power factor > 0,99 at full load

input current 95A per power module

inrush current < 100% at rated current

earth leakage current < 2 mA per power module


output voltage 3 x 400V rms + neutral 50Hz

3 x 208V rms + neutral 60Hz

(other voltages and frequencies on request)

nominal system power 25kVA – 740kVA

nom. module power 25kVA / 31kVA / 37kVA at Uout = 400VA

units in parallel up to 20 modules

overload 120% 15 min

150% 1 min

200% 5 sec

voltage distortion < 3%

voltage variation ± 1% (at min max load)

frequency accuracy ± 0,05% (at fi xed load)

e ciency > 92%


LCD display



hard wired IO potential free contacts


Power Weight Size (HxWxD) in mm**

37kVA* 130 kg 830 x 290 x 660**

75kVA* 280 kg 860 x 800 x 660

112kVA* 405 kg 1115 x 800 x 660

150kVA* 535 kg 1465 x 800 x 660

187kVA* 660 kg 1720 x 800 x 660

*Uout = 400V **excl. mounting profi les and EMI fi lter

Cooling forced air, fan speed controlled

Protection degree IP22 (higher IP value on request)

Temperature 0-45ºC, above reduced power

Humidity 0-95% non condensing

Colour Ral 9010 (other colours on request)

Noise < 60dBA at 1 mtr per module


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